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How to Get a Liquor License in Arizona




Services Available Through ALIC

ALIC is the only full service liquor consulting company in Arizona and can ensure that your business is in compliance with all applicable laws and that your staff is well versed and trained in proper liquor related procedures – saving you TIME and MONEY!

Act As Agent

Every liquor license is required to have an Agent. The Agent is the liaison between the licensee and the Department of Liquor License & Control (DLLC). Our Agent services are essential for out of state companies, individual owners needing to satisfy DLLC resident requirements, or companies needing someone other than an uninformed corporate attorney, corporate officer, or employee to do something they know nothing about. ALIC acts as the Agent on more liquor licenses in Arizona than all the other liquor consulting companies combined.
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Signing With a Glass of Wine — liquor consulting company in Mesa, AZ

Liquor License Applications

ALIC routinely processes 20 to 30 liquor license applications a month “again, more than any other company in Arizona”. You think you're solving this problem by having your attorney do it for you. In almost every instance, your attorney will charge you four to five times more to do your application than ALIC. In many cases your attorney will then have us do the application for him because he doesn't really know how and we are so cost effective he still makes money.

Use Permits

Most cities now require a use permit to operate any establishment which deals with spirituous liquor within that city. Some cities even require you to submit the use permit application before they will accept your liquor license application. Use permits are also required by many cities before you can add a patio to an existing licensed premises. (This service in not available with other consulting companies).
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Training — liquor consulting company in Mesa, AZ


ALIC provides one of the finest, most comprehensive training programs available. Our weekly Title 4 training classes are conveniently set up for optimum attendance. ALIC's training program is certified by the Arizona Department of Liquor License and Control and endorsed by the Arizona Restaurant Association. Prior to a liquor license being issued by the state of Arizona, an operating owner or manager is required to receive Arizona Department of Liquor License & Control certified liquor law training. Employees by law are required to be familiar with Arizona liquor laws as well. ALIC is the only liquor establishment that provides In-House Security training along with writing Public Safety and Security Plans, Sexual Harassment and CPR training. Additionally, training is one of the few ways you have to help protect yourselves when it comes to “Dram Shop,” or any applicable litigation.

Spot & CUB Checks

ALIC provides spot check services to contracted establishments who want to make sure their employees are operating in the best interests of the licensee. ALIC agents in a covert capacity, monitor contracted establishments looking for everything from poor serving techniques, to illegal or inappropriate activities by those employed by the licensee. The spot check results are kept strictly confidential and disclosed only to the licensee or his designate. CUB Checks (Covert Underage Buyer) ALIC is the only company, outside of law enforcement in Arizona, authorized by the Department of Liquor to conduct CUB operations. These compliance checks are essential for establishments concerned with violations for failure to properly ID and/or serving alcohol to minors.
Spot & CUB Checks — liquor consulting company in Mesa, AZ
Compliance Meetings — liquor consulting company in Mesa, AZ

Compliance Meetings (Violations)

ALIC President Randy Nations is a retired Arizona DPS Liquor Agent. Because of his background, Randy knows how to address and resolve pending violations in the most efficient, cost effective manner. In many cases he can get violations dismissed that unknowing attorneys or licensees would plead guilty to and pay a fine.

Brokering of Liquor Licenses

ALIC is one of the largest liquor license brokering companies in Arizona. We buy, sell and trade liquor licenses. In Arizona, there are three types of licenses that can only be obtained from an existing owner or through the Department of Liquor lottery. These three are a class 6 bar license, a class 7 beer & wine bar license and a class 9 package liquor store license. ALIC brokers these licenses for both sellers and buyers.
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Expert Services — liquor consulting company in Mesa, AZ

Expert Services

With a law enforcement background associated with the liquor industry since 1976, ALIC President Randy Nations is routinely called upon as an expert for any and all types of liquor related litigation. From deposition and police report review, to attorney case consultations, to being deposed and testifying in court.
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